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WRX Divot Tool & Ball Marker Combo

WRX Divot Tool & Ball Marker Combo

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GolfWRX Divot Tool & Ball Marker.

Metal dual prong divot tool with 1 limited reversible removable double sided ball marker included.   

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    Photos show both sides of the marker but only 1 is included. A magnetic bar built into a divot repair tool. When it touches the stainless steel ball marker that comes with the tool, they link. This form follows function tool combo is made by Acculinx in Augusta GA.

    Coins are always falling out of your pocket or you're losing them. Now the divot repair tool and ball marker are always linked together. When a golfer replaces the marker with the ball on the green and drops the marker into his pocket, there is a click when it finds the magnet.

    "I like it - I think it's a great idea," said PGA Tour player Vaughn Taylor, who has the Acculinx logo on his tour bag. "I think it will go somewhere if we get a little luck. I think it makes it easier. You don't have to dig in your pocket for coins."

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